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Maximize remote work with a virtual workplace

Has your organization been forced into unplanned remote work?
If so, your team may be struggling to get things done. Yet, with the right tools and practices, you can unlock a new level of productivity and well-being that will make your organization more flexible than ever. It’s time to embrace the virtual workplace.

Join TELUS experts to learn:

  • Why evolve from basic remote work to a robust virtual workplace
  • What are the essential technologies you will need
  • Which best practices your team can implement today

As Canada’s leading provider of cloud unified communications services and with more than 70% of our team enabled to work securely from any remote location, TELUS has the expertise to enable your business and remote teams to be productive and engaged.

Our speakers

Dan Pontefract and Cesar Gonzalez

Dan Pontefract
Remote work expert at TELUS with 25 years of experience as a leadership strategist, keynote speaker, and best-selling author.

More information on Dan's website >

Cesar Gonzalez
Virtual workplace expert at TELUS with 20 years of experience supporting businesses by empowering employees to work and collaborate more effectively.

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