IDC White paper

A Framework for Effective Cyber Security

IDC White paper - A Framework for Effective Cyber Security

About the white paper

Many Canadian companies are still taking a technology-first approach to security. They spend a lot of money and time on the latest devices and solutions yet overlook other key aspects of security. Technology is only a part of the equation.
With a threat landscape that is growing in size, complexity, entry points, intensity and severity, optimum security requires continuous monitoring and action.
According to IDC, security budgets are growing, but security cultures aren’t keeping pace. In its report, IDC recommends a holistic approach – step-by-step security that continually refreshes as security and threats evolve. The NIST Cybersecurity Framework comes highly recommended as a way to structure security activities including:

  • Identify: prioritizing what to protect including data and location and scoring those elements to direct security investments.
  • Protect: thinking beyond just end points to employee training and awareness as well.
  • Detect: ongoing monitoring to ensure early warnings, pre-emptive action and sustained uptime.
  • Recover/respond: have a plan in place to reduce damage in the event of an attack and limit the severity of impact.

IDC also provides details on key considerations for adopting security services, profiles some of TELUS’ core security offerings and offers recommendations for Canadian companies looking to improve their security postures.

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